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We are in need of Race Volunteers!
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Thank you to all participants and volunteers for making this a successful event!

Recent Articles
Recent Articles

We are partnering up with CORA Physical Therapy

We've added another benefit to being a Charleston Running Club Member.  Current active members can now get a 10% Discount off non-covered insurance procedures from CORA Physical Therapy. With an office in North Charleston and Mt Pleasant, they are close to everyone! 
Visit their website

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to our Currently Active Members that placed in the 
2019 State SC Open / Age Group Rankings! 


Age Group Runner
MEN OPEN: #10 Chris Bailey, Charleston
MEN 50-54: #3 Brian Fancher, North Charleston
MEN 60-64: #2 Tony Glaser, Summerville/GBR
#3 Jack Clealand, Charleston
MEN 65-69: #1 Tony Glaser, Summerville/GBR
MEN 70-74: #3 Patrick Welch, Charleston
MEN 75-79: #5 Gary Melville,Charleston
 MEN 85-89: #1 William Boulter, Charleston

Age Group Runner
WOMEN OPEN:  #3 Shannon Bain, Goose Creek
WOMEN 35-39: #2 Shannon Bain, Goose Creek
#5 Alison Chapman, Mt Pleasant

WOMEN 40-44:
#4 Alison Chapman, Mt Pleasant
WOMEN 45-49:
#2 Catherine Hollister, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 50-54: #2 Catherine Hollister, Mt. Pleasant
#3 Lisa Deaton, Charleston
#4 Meredith Nelson, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 55-59:
#3 Lisa Deaton, Charleston
WOMEN 60-64: #4 Lori Pope, Charleston
#5 Cherry Kent, North Charleston
WOMEN 70-74: #3 Kathy Laboard Brown, Charleston
#5 Bernadette Marriott, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 75-79: #2 Joyce Rasberry, Mt. Pleasant
WOMEN 80-84: #1 Jan Mizzell, Charleston

Congratulations to the other 15 local runners who also placed in the 2019 Rankings!


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