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Running Routes

Here are some of our favorite running routes sent in by our members!  Please email the VP for Communications your favorite route and we will add it!

My Beautiful Downtown Running Route - Submitted By Shane McKevlin, - The Coast Guard Station - Battery - Waterfront Park - Colonial Lake, 5K with a 5 Mile Alternative Run

-Start at the US Coast Guard Station-Tradd St/Murray Blvd

-Run entire Battery going down Murray Blvd that will turn into East Bay St.


-Take a Right onto S. Adgers Warf (use sidewalk to avoid cobblestones)

-Take a Left onto Concord St.

-Take next right into park, and a left at gravel trail with the Cooper River on your right.

-Follow this gravel trail into Waterfront Park and take a left at the end of it, towards the  

  fountains that shoot inward.

-Continue this direction down the stairs out of the park and onto Vendue Range.

-Once across East Bay St, this same road will turn into Queen St. Follow it until it ends at

   Rutledge Ave (at Colonial Lake).

-Take a left onto Rutledge Ave to Broad St.


5K/3.1Miles ROUTE

-At Rutledge Ave/Broad Street, run across Broad St (staying on Rutledge Ave) and take

  your next right onto Tradd St. Follow Tradd to where it ends at Murray Blvd and you’ll

  be back at the Battery and the US Coast Guard Station.



-At corner of Rutledge Ave/Broad St., take a Left onto Broad St. (going eastbound).

-When Broad St ends at the Exchange Building at Broad St./East Bay St, take a Right         

   onto East. Bay St. At some point, cross over to the opposite side of the street from

    Rainbow Row and this part of East Bay will turn into the Battery, putting the Cooper

    River on your left.

-Follow the Battery, which will bend right and changing names to Murray Blvd. This 

  road will end at Tradd St., putting you back at the US Coast Guard Station and where 

  you parked your car

Mount Pleasant Route #1 submitted by Robert Haney

From Waterfront Park:

Left out of the visitor center onto Harry Hallman Blvd (turns into Wingo Way) towards Mathis Ferry.

Left on Mathis Ferry.

Left on 7th avenue (at the fire station).

Go to the end of 7th and take a right on 4th (it’s the only way you can go).

Stay on 4th, cross over 6th and take a right on 5th.

Follow 5th back up to Mathis Ferry and take a right.

Follow Mathis Ferry back to Wingo Way and take a right.

Follow back to starting point.

It’s right at a 5K and during the summer months it provides a bit of shade. The neighborhood that you run through doesn’t have much traffic and if anyone is wondering I’ve never encountered any dogs or other beasts along the way. It’s a nice change from running back to the golf course.

Floppin Flounder 5K and Charlie Post 15K & 5K Route


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